Thursday, March 29, 2012

Popcorn Tin Laundry Bin

I saw a neat idea in a magazine once where someone used a ceramic jar to hold dirty towels in a kitchen till they can get them to the laundry room.

Our kitchen is a floor away from the laundry room, and somehow towels just pile up while awaiting *someone* to take them upstairs.  

So... I found a solution.  I didn't have a large ceramic jar to sit on the ground out of the way.  Instead, I used a small popcorn tin and painted it.  Added a few vinyl letters... and Wah-lah.  It almost blends into the counters, and it hides the towels!


  1. It's not Wah-lah - it's voilà.

    1. Oh perhaps, but when you are surrounded by four little kids, it's "WAH LAH" in our family. I never claimed to be French. I also write "OH. EM. GEE." and "AYE YI YI" which obviously is simply the way I type it out for expression's sake. I was a math major... not an English/French scholar. :)

  2. I like Wah-lah it is personal just like this website. Imagine the world completely grammatically correct 100% of the time? Imagine the music industry? Imagine movies, TV, Anonymous is clearly not a fan of Diary of a Whimpy Kid series either. Wah-lah Wah-lah Wah-lah, gunna right me a love song, ya ya!! :)

  3. Here in the country (say it with a sweet southern drawl) it's wah lah. And here in the "country" it's also polite to leave your name unless you're just too embarrassed by your own rude behavior.


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