Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flavored Fruity Water!

After Christmas, my cousin posted a picture of this snazzy little pitcher she got for Christmas.  It had a middle holey tube that held fruit chunks.  Then you filled the pitcher with water to get fruit-infused water. 

Seeing as though I got a new Twist-n-Sparkle (by iSi) for Christmas, it seemed like the perfect accompaniment.  

I looked and found it on Amazon:

So now I use it to infuse water, and then sparkle that water with my new iSi.  


Another way I use my Twist-n-Sparkle is my light Grapefruit juice.  I use the Light Grapefruit Juice and mix it about 40% to 60% water.  Then I fizz it up.  Yummy... and less than 25 calories for a glass.

How do you use your carbonating devices?

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