Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cabinet Door Jewelry Holder

I needed a jewelry "niche"... I mean, who doesn't, right?

I don't have fancy jewelry.  Most is just costume jewelry or sweet "mom" kind of pieces (adoption pendant, kids' name charms, etc.)  But I did somehow seem to collect quite a few over the years.

I didn't have any budget to do new shelves and fancy systems when I reorganized my clothes closet a few weeks back...
nor did I have the skills to make a custom one like all those fancy-schmancy ones on Pinterest 
(no I'm not bitter at all, ahem).

Here is my new jewelry niche.

I used a section of the builder's shelving in the closet that wasn't holding clothes.

I don't know about you, but I had six little hooks to hold a few dozen necklaces and I was tired of untangling them constantly.
So... I went with an old cabinet door frame I got at the ReStore.

Remember this?
Well, after redoing the laundry room in aqua and brown, this pewter-colored frame just wasn't cutting it.  So, I sprayed it with ORB (oil-rubbed bronze) and decided to put it to better use.

Then I stretched a seamstress' measuring tape across the one side and lined it up straight and taped it down.

All of these items were used in making this project... well, except the coaster (which was holding my drink before snapping the photo... managed to remove one thing) and the box of Thirty-One catalogs on the ground.  Ha!

I found these nice medium-sized cup hooks at Hobby Lobby.  I bought two packages @8/$1.99.

I decided in order to fit all 16 cup hooks across the frame, it was best to spread them 1.5 inches apart on my particular frame (spacing would depend on the number of hooks you use and the size of your frame.)

Then I took a 3/16" drill bit and made starting holes down the side of the tape.  

That's a story in itself.  I had the marks all ready... drill ready... and no small drill bit!  This project sat on my desk for two days while I figured out how I was going to get a new bit... would I order one on Amazon Prime and wait two days (I buy anything on Amazon Prime!), or would I try to squeeze a trip to the next town into my schedule?  So... I went downstairs to grab something out of the freezer one morning... and there was the drill bit sitting on the shelves next to it.  Not sure how/why it was there, but long ago I gave up trying to figure these things out with my "mommy brain".  I was just happy.

Using the pliers, I screwed in the cup hooks.

 And Wah-Lah... a frame of 16 hooks.  And now that I'm looking at this picture, I realize the trash can (which doesn't even belong in this room) is tipped over.  Oh, how lovely... good thing I really stage my photos, eh?

I stretched picture wire across the back and hung it with anchors/screws.  As you see in the pic below, I also tapped in two long nails to help steady the frame in the lower corners to keep the frame straight.  
(Good thing that new basket was there to become my drill catcher!)

And now... much more space for all my cutesy necklaces.  

I bought the baskets at Joann Fabrics for around $5 each to hold hair supplies and some jewelry boxes.  As you can see above, I reused my original 6-hook rack on the side wall to hold my long necklaces.  Worked out great!


  1. I really need to have you come over and organize me! Great projects ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up!
    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open!

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  2. I think this a fantastic idea and I'm going to make one for myself and my daughter. She has an array of necklaces that I have made for her, and also I have several. I too would so like to do this and use as a craft project for craft shows. Thanks for the idea.


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